The unbelievable story

in memoriam

I always loved my father. Last time he held his arms around me I was seven years old. We both went with his truck delivering milk to dairies and enjoyed being together.

A terrible mistake

Only once more when I was thirteen years old in 1963 we saw each other again in town passing by. Unfortunately we both didn‘t have the courage to say hello to each other. What a terrible mistake.

I am so sorry

I always loved you and I‘ll always miss you dad!

Ansgar, 28.11.2011

Corrected & lectured with love from dearest Hollace Lindsay Juster, Simsbury, Connecticut


Let me tell you some story about my father. I last really talked to him when I was 7 years old and only saw him again for a few seconds when I was 13. What happened? After the divorce of my parents my mother forbid me to see him. But  as I truly loved this charming good looking playboy I went to see him in spite of the fact it was strictly forbidden. As result my mom beat me up in a such terrible way - I really thought I must die. That was the beginning of hating her - she sometimes just could't stop beating with a wooden «I don't know what it it really was...» So I gave up seeing him...

When I was something like 35 years old I tried to contact him - but unfortunately it was too late. Some people sent me articles from the local newspapers. In there I found the story about him. He died by being pushed over the balcony (pushed by his female partner) from the second floor - burning all over - the whole house was on fire. A terrible story. He actually died on two affects: broken spine and more than 30-50% burned skin. The Kriminalpolizei (a kind of a German FBI) arrested the Lady and brought her to court - accused of murder - but she went off free due to lack of evidence.

When I coincidentally found out in 1990  that I have two sisters - one 17 years and one 32 years old at that time (we all have the same father), I went to Germany meeting them the first time: That was one of the most crazy situations in my life. Good enough for a thrilling TV story. We three of us loved each other right from the beginning and are today like a winning team: Ingrid (Inka), Bettina and myself. When I wanted to meet Ingrid the first time, I first had to talk to her step father. You know what he said to me: I am the last person in the life of your father who was able to talk to him before he died in hospital. Because I am the Police Officer who was in charge of that case... My God what a story. What happened: When he (the Police Officer) and his wife decided to adopt a child (after their own children left home) they went to a childrens home (orphanage) and found that little girl called Ingrid. By filling in the papers for the adoption he realized that Ingrid was the daughter of the lady he accused for murder years before - Ingrid was then taken away from my father‘s girl friend due to her heavy abuse of alcohol...


In dedication to my father Heinz Nowack

Heinz Nowack

Heinz Nowack

Heinz Nowack